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Internet,the Big Network of Networks
the Big global Network of virtual communication
But what would happen withaut our information travelling in this immensity?
It won’t be more than a hyge synaptic and empty mass, motionless,…
Paradoxically, with our interaction, with each mouse “click” make it get “virtual life”
And as if it was a big brain…In our scale, level or dimension, however we want to call it or describe it,
We would be the neuronauts.
If we search in the history book, few technologic advances have caused such sociocultural and revolutionary impact into the human species, as Internet
Even though, this same story, also relate us chronologically, a loong mistake list, that has ocasionate the bad choise, that has been taken, to beneficiate only a few.
Because oh that,.. We cannot let the Internetbe developped in deadful interests hand
To monopolize or censure contents, pursue or punish the freedom of expression and thought,
So, that it is also trafficked with our personal informations
The Internet has to be seriously reivindicated for everyone and by everyone.
It accurates of its own onomastic to be proytected of the oppression.
We all need a one worldwide day greatful, to be able of searching without censure and have suggestions to all the governments of the world, in full anonymity without being judged and categorized.
One day to the consensus of ideas, in which everyone is asked before decisions have been made in our name, without reprisals….
Where cookies are the only ones pursued.
Because Internet we are all of us and we want to defense our rights and freedoms.
We only have tu wake up….and remember that looong list of errors …with the only goal of not repeting them again.
But not for that, they will become part of the past.
We’re still seeing examples, of bad decisions, around the world.
And now what can we expect?
Will they do it better? Why?
Why are we talking about a “virtual reality”?
The clues indicate the opposite….
If we don’t act now…Internet will be added, in our looong list of errors.
That’s why….That’s why we have build a solid between all, that nobody can restrict the acces to the Great Network , do not violate Rights or Freedoms of the users.
To do it….Let’s start for chossing together “The Great Day”, “Our Day” “Our Saint Morpheus”
A Day full of simbolism, representing the current “Virtual Reality”, because of its romanticism as a God of the dreams in the greek mythology,
And now also as a flag of a real dream, that of freedom in the “virtual” world….
If in addition, with it and almost in the form of protest,
That Saint Morpheus transmits an essence and a message….
-That no nation does not want neither forget nor to lose its historical past.
We don’t like the ideo-politic earthquake Greece suffered, considered “cradle” of our civilization, and/or custodians from a great partof the historical patrimony, without more international help…that the punishment socioeconomical on the greek people.
Obviously, already late to continue trusting,
There is no space…No time for more patience. It has already been clear, the line of development that awaits us…
So, let’s get to work, befor losing any possibility to participate in his protection!!!
Defending Internet, we will be protecting ourselves.
Let’s demand among, all our “Saint Morpheus”
Our World Day in defence of the Rights and Freedoms of Internet
Patron and Protector of all the Internauts,
Tornauts and, or neuro-navigators of the Great Network.
Our Day to be part of in the development of this comunicativ fenomen and window to knowledge
This is; Internet.
Signing this peticion, when we get to have 1 World Day, in defense for the rights and freedoms in Internet, for the Internet user.
Then, all together, will claim its recognition in the United Nations as a Patrimony of Humanity


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